Case studies

Here you will find a few experiences and case studies describing inspection services carried out in Romania and Italy by AcousticEye's authorised service provider, Promment Services

1. Testing new Chinese tubes. Following a request by one of Romania's reputable manufacturers of pressure equipment, Promment Services' inspectors have tested a number of 812 Stainless Steel tubes, made in China. Although the products had all the required certificates (including Eddy current test certificates), the heat exchanger manufacturer wanted to perform and extra test. The inspection, which lasted one working day, has demonstrated that 94% of the tubes can be safely used, the remaining showing severe pitting (70% of wall thickness penetration), and one tube having a pore with a 0.534 mm dia. New, clean tubes help minimise errors, hence maximum precision has been achieved. However, due to the loose packing of the tubes, their numbering and preparation for testing took longer time than if they were already installed in the tubesheet.










2. Testing of heat exchangers inside an Italian hydrogen and nytrogen production facility. Carried out in 2012, this job consisted of testing 5 old heat exchangers, amounting to 2096 tubes, found in two production sites where nitrogen is delivered from, towards the largest Italian refineries. Although the working conditions seemed to be light, the tubes were made of stainless steel, and they showed signs of corrosion/erosion (possible manufacturing defects), but also small pores (0.45mm, 0.8 mm). Other aspects observed were an unusual concentration of defects, as well as the fact that the heat exchangers were not cleaned by the subcontractor to the client's standard.

3. Inspection of heat exchanger inside a petrochemical plant. There have been tested a total of 3265 unplugged tubes, out of which 74 showed holes, other 49 were extremely corroded, and a very large number showed severe blockages. After thorough analysis, many blockages were due to the tubes being plugged on the other end - and this observation determined the client to check if the tubes were actually plugged on both ends as they should have been. Extreme corrosion as well as deposits from the cooling water led to unusual high error rate, since pittings and pores were blocked by deposits - these errors can be however avoided by the usage of the new DUET™ technology. For this kind of application it is recommended to protect the tubesheet and the inside of the tubes with Duromar products, for a longer equipment lifespan.



Introducing DUET™ Ultra-Fast Inspection System

(Monday, January 7, 2014)

Acousticeye is pleased to introduce DUET™ featuring dual mode pulse reflectometry for full coverage of all inner and outer diameter defects, regardless of shape or material.

With new capabilities for a more efficient inspection cycle, DUET™ is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool with automated analysis and report generation that requires only a single operator and minimal training.


DUET™ Technology Video
DUET™ Brochure


Protecciones Plásticas, S.A.U. “Protesa” has become a part of the Future Pipe Industries Group (FPI).

(Wednesday, June 26, 2013)

Protesa has built a reputation as a leading and reliable provider of research, design, manufacturing, marketing and installing GRP pipes and fittings to the water industry and we are very proud to welcome Protesa to the Future Pipe family. We are reaching out to you, as our valued customer, to assure you that we are committed to continuing Protesa’s current processes with an emphasis on delivering complete engineered and installed systems that you can depend on.


Promment Services and Future Pipe Industries Partnership
(Monday, February 18, 2013)

Starting 2013, Promment Services is proud to announce his quality of Exclusive Distributor for Future Pipe Industries products within Romanian territory, covering Energy Sector, including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation Industries. For requests, please contact us at


2013 NDTMA Annual Conference
(Tuesday, January 22, 2013)

AcousticEye to present and exhibit at the NDTMA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV, USA on February 12-14, 2013

Speaking at this year's NDTMA Annual Conference, AcousticEye’s CEO, Yoav Harel, will present recent developments in pulse reflectometry for non-traversing tube inspection. Topics will include latest advances in signal processing and transduction techniques that enable enhanced accuracy and detection of a larger range of defects as well as examples of the performance of this technique in the field.